Monday, 9 February 2015

Pensamento do Dia

" O homem é um macaco que não deu certo"
Millor Fernandes.

There´s another Carnival (or Mardi Grass if you like) around the corner... will the people forget all the scandalls???

Again Brazil is getting ready for another party.

Although the event has been cancelled in some cities due to several issues, the carnival starts next week. Samba, sweat, drugs, alcohol, confusion, robbery, ... will take over.
Meanwhile, Petrobras scandal gets deeper (among others), corruption, lack of security, responsibility, even main resources like running water crisis and energy black outs keeps going on.
The usual masked faces are just grinning...

Will once again the people forget about the serious problems this pseudo-democratic country are facing? Over a beer or two???

I hope not.
Otherwise we will again be playing the saddest clown in the parade...

Monday, 2 February 2015

Hav'a Laugh - Para Reirse

Make the test.

Tkx to the

Going, going...


Now it´s confirmed, Brazil is not a country to be taken seriously. 

Apart from all the late scandals - which probably will not be solved - the people have been once more stabbed in the back. Renan Calheiros was again elected to be the President of the Senate.
This very man who is being accused of so many fraud cases, will be again chief of Brazil´s Senate. 

I´ll not give details on Mr. Calheiros brillant political career. Google it if you have a strong stomach.

Sadly, while I´m getting more and more ashamed to be born in a country where most of its population seems to be either happy or apathetic with the actual political situation, as the days passes by is getting clear that if you are an honest, honored and correct individual, Brazil seems to be the wrong place to live in.

Sudamericanismos 2015 

Confirmado, Brasil es un pais que no puede ser considerado serio,

Aparte de todos los ultimos escándalos - que muy probablemente no serán resueltos - el pueblo ha sido una vez mas apuñalado por las espaldas. El muy dignisimo Sr. Renan Calheiros ha sido, una vez mas, elegido para ser el Presidente del Senado. 

Yo no voy a dar más detallhes sobre la brillante carrera política del Sr. Calheiros. Ponga en el Google si usted tiene un estomago fuerte.

Lamentablemente, mientras que me quedo más y más avergonzado de haber nacido en un país donde la mayoría de su población se parece ó contenta ó apática con la situación política actual, con el pasar de los días se está quedando claro que para una persona honesta, honrada y correcta, Brasil parece ser el lugar equivocado para vivir.

Sudamericanismos 2015